Morse Loss Of Privilege info

The “Loss of Privilege” list (or LOP) is published at the end of each grading period. Students are placed on it for one or more of the following reasons:


* Student earned below a 2.0 GPA in scholarship and/or citizenship from previous grading period.


* Student earned a formal or in-school suspension in the current grading period.


* Student has a cumulative combination of 12 or more unexcused/unverified period absences and/or tardies.

Time Duration

A student’s duration on the LOP depends on the reason he/she is originally placed on the list:

1. GRADES – for the ENTIRE grading period (scholarship and citizenship)

2. BEHAVIOR – for the 6 weeks from the incidents

3. ATTENDANCE – until the record reflects LESS THAN a cumulative combination of 12 or more period absences/tardies.

NOTE: Refer to “Instructional Recovery Time” for more information on ways to clear attendance.


Any student on the LOP may not participate in extra-curricular school activities such as athletic games/cheering events (not to include practices); drama performances, school club activities (not to include meetings); dances; non-instructional field trips; etc.

Student Athletes

Athletes who are on the LOP list due to GRADES are considered ineligible and they may NOT compete/perform in games for the ENTIRE grading period. They may only participate in practices.

Morse LOP Info